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Full Name Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time.7z
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Is it just me or this copy of the wonderful game has all kinds of issues? Screen tearing, lagging, pop-ins, and extensive loading times occur frequently. It's not game breaking but it definitely breaks immersion.
best game of all time. period
Ye xD I agree with you guys, this is the best game ever =p
one of my favourite games of all time. great puzzles and piano
The year when Nintendo ruled at graphics and story telling was within this game. The developers simply wanted this title of the series to be epic and it is epic.
best gamer everr xD
When talking about the greatest games of all time, very few games make almost every gamers list. Final Fantasy VVI, Goldereye, Resident Evil,... One thing is for certain, Ocarina of time is always in the top three. A graphical wonder for it's time, Ocarina of time took players of all ages into a living breathing world, unlike anything we had ever seen. It asked you to be a hero and to save a kingdom. On your journey you do a lot of things. You make friends, you make enemies. At one moment you are whisked away to the base of a mountain by your guide owl, and the next you find yourself in the belly of a beast. Ocarina of time has won countless awards, has sold millions of copies, and is still one of the greatest games ever made. You simply are not a gamer if you don't have this in your collection. 10/10
This game is the best game I ever played! It's just sad that a lot of children don't know this game.. I'm glad that I know this game! I hope that they are going to make a remake on another console so everybody can play the game again!
my favorite game ever, good fighting and puzzles 10 / 10
ok did anyone else get the game in spanish???????
One of the best games ever made!
They should make a Remake of it fpr Wii