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Full Name Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time.7z
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My first house-console game :`)
Simply the greatest game of all time
I agree with them all LoZ OoT and the master quest are the best games ever
This is like the best game in the world and if you are a N64 owner... GET...THIS...GAME
This game rule almost all other games that have ever been made !! :P
I still get scared of the shadow temple, after playing it several dozen times and constantly owning Bongobongo.
I liked this game so much until my n64 broke i wish theyd do what they did to super mario 64 and redone it for ds but like add little things and stuff
I LOVE this game (i love the 64s graphics over ANY nintendo console)...*sigh* If only somone could make a 64 emu for the ds ;) (touch screen for the control stick) A man can only dream...
Classic. These is the kind of essence that games these days are missing. Today, games are mostly concentrated on graphics. The same feeling of playing classic games like this is gone. Super Mario Bros Pokemon Series Final Fantasy VII and VIII Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Castlevania Series Tomb Raider Starcraft Warcraft 3 Grand Theft Auto Vice City GTA 4 ***best games to be cemented on the history book for me.
you can play this on project 64.
best game ever... my tattoo is from this ^^. The symbol of hyrule :P
Ocarina of Time Owns all the other ones!!