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Full Name Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask.7z
Filesize 30.7 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



someone can tell me why there are many files when I download ? which is correct?
love this game ......................
im having trouble giving the moons teer to the deku just as the fireworks and the clock tower opens, help. btw its a great game good fights and puzzles
this game is great, storyline is not the greatest, and the game is not very long, it took me 1 hr 41 minutes to beat it with 100% and i was using the game cardridge not an rom.
The very first Zelda game that did not involve saving the princess. The game was really nice, because it was like playing another side story to what Link usually does in his adventures. I really hope the developers make similar side stories similar to this.
Liked Ocarina? Like time-based, quick games? Get this. No, seriously. The 3 time-base is awesome. It's so good. Also, this game is next to OoT. Lovely, no?
Graphically like Ocarina of Time. Makes extrem much fun, large world good and long story, many different items (especially masks). But one negative state, it´s really hard to play it as a rom on pc, with the keyboard, because on many places in the game you will have to use the camera or the I-outlook to see objects which are below or above you. Really hard, but if you have a controller to plug in you should do this.
Poor mike (me). I went and played Ocarina of time, Windwaker, Minish cap, four swords, but I missed out on one of the greatest, Majora's Mask.
OMG ANOTHER CLASSIC. works fine on psp 5.50gend3
this game is da shiyet. stick to your roots
If you havent played the actual 64 version, I suggest you get this. If you have, get this for the cheats. In fact, get all the Legend of Zelda series. Pretty rightous gaming for an old timer like this.
Im sorry because I think im about to become a bad guy here. This game sucked simple enough. The time constraint was more annoying than anything as it really added nothing to the story (which is lacking anyway) and the masks ugh. They were obviously just a new ploy to make this crap fest look new and improved. The dungeons were remarkably easy ( I took out over half this game in less than 5 hours MY FIRST TIME PLAYING IT!!!) all in all this is one of the most epic fails in zelda history only comparable to well... nothing. Personally I wish I could strip away all evidence of my ever playing this game however it insists on latching it's slimy grip on my brain like a stubborn leach. And for anyone to so much as put this... thing in the same category as Oot let alone to say it is superior... words simply fail me.