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Full Name Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards.7z
Filesize 9.2 MB
Region USA
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Kirby could do better than this in his games previously, especially in his awesome adventures in KIRBY SUPERSTAR! I mean the variety in levels and stories in each of the posters Kirby had to enter was mush more of an adventure.
i got this game for my birthday when it came out its so cool i love the lightsaber on this game.
i think this is great game for kirby on the 64 played every other kirby game i think this one's the best next to kirby superstar my arm started hurting when i was fighting 02 The Final Boss
i hate acro the boss in underwater
Very good game, it's a great addition to the kirby seires since in this one you can combine powers and has a great variety of abilities!I wish there would be more kirby games with this feature...
I saw this game once and i regret for not buying it. Now i can play it using project 64, yay :)
it is a good game with malicia
man i love this game but my xbox 360 controller wont work.... :(
I got the same files however I was able to open all of them with Project 64.
I LOVE YOU. exactly would I get this to work? it's just a bunch of files that I can't open with the emulator I use, which is Project 64.
yeah magickoopa is righthe swollows his enamys whole the spits them out
While we cannot move in 3d, I have to say kirby is meant to stay in 2d gameplay. I mean, think. Kirby is known for swallowing enemies, and that might be harder to do in 3d. Plus, the camera might be unreliable when yo have to look at all sides of the screen.