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Full Name Killer Instinct Gold.7z
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Too bad this game didn't continue to the other consoles.This was mainly competition to MK.I enjoyed this, but I enjoyed the SNES version even more. I only wish I understood the story clearer, but I didn't end the game with everyone to know. Orchid was my only character. The movie to this (if it were to continue) wouldv'e probably been off the hook.
What kind of question was that? How else are you going to play this game?
LOL...aint that the truth
^MEGAPHAIL. Seriously, If you don't know that you need a emulator you shouldnt be looking for N64 roms.
How do i even play this i need a emulator?
One of the best N64 game fighting
This is one of the best games to be made but under rated due to capcom and Midway's SF and MK series. But you have to give Killer Instinct Credit COMBOS became the thing after it's wild Insane Combos
One of the best fighting games i've played, very underrated due to the competition of having to compete with both the street fighter series and the mortal kombat series.