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Full Name Harvest Moon 64.7z
Filesize 4.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



omg...i just love harvest moon!!
One of the best Harvest Moon games ever. Shockingly, Romulation still has this game available (it seems 95% of their other decent roms have been removed). Gamers, get HM64 while you still can.
@FireNFLames: No, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the GBA is a remake of Back to Nature. This one is entirely unique; aside from the some of the characters, of course. ^^;;
Great game. Still like FoMT better, though.
my favorite of the harvest moon series.
isnt this game like the harvest moon back to nature for Ps1?
This Harvest Moon is a total WIN compared to the other Harvest Moon versions I've tried. I got so addicted playing this that I literally spent months camped out in front of my computer, only stopping to eat...
Agreed, this is probably the best Harvest Moon version there is. I have harvest moon for my DS but the controls aren't as good, I don't like having to use the stylus to walk around. Plus being able to play with the cheat codes also are rewarding if you're like myself, and have played this game for countless months non-stop.
i like harvest moon ds more
I've always been a fan of harvest moon and will continue to be one.
Best HM game to date. You can't beat how much you can interact with the characters in this game. The faster clock compared to current HM games is also a win for the challenge.
This is my favorite HM of all time I am thinking of buying a psp just to get a N64 emu and play this game :)