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Full Name GoldenEye 007.7z
Filesize 10.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



To tell you the truth, every Halo game is OK, at best, but this is just... impassable. The fact that people buy games because they are so over hyped as Halo, just goes to show that they have no idea what a real game is. Burn on Halo, this game is infinitesimally better.
Really really epic :D its like the best n64 game eva!
awesome game!
this game is all-some i know how to download to my ds
My 4th favorite N64 game of all time! Can't wait to play!
@gorm3, it's 1997. Close though.
@ xmasterchefx lol halo is the best fps ive ever played =o this game is good but not that good
@ Rockman's comment Yeah, it's true that Rare f'ed PZ360, but Viva Pinata is awesome. Don't deny that. Banjo Kazooie Nuts n' Bolts was okay. They didn't mess everything up. As for Goldeneye, it is the best FPS of all time, with surprisingly simple shooting gameplay and frantic multiplayer. It cannot be topped by other games. If anyone says "Halo is better", I will kick their asses (hopefully this comment retains its "PG-13"-ness).
Man I wasted soooo many hours in multiplayer on this in my youth. If you have steam get the goldeneye source mod. brings back many memories Perfect dark was marginally better for multi as it had bots in the mix too
Sheer awesomeness
Only topped by the frantic fury of Perfect Dark, that is. Goldeneye is a solid hit, and is indeed beter than most of the POS'es that are pushed on us today, it's a shame that Perfect Dark 360 Failed so hard. But then again, Rare has F'ed everything over recently. Good download, and if you like, get Perfect Dark.
BEst 1996 game of the year!