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Full Name F-ZERO X.7z
Filesize 12.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



good game nice controlls
I like the game but game gives me motion sickness.
Simply THE BEST! For those that enjoyed this game, play also FZeroGX, for gamecube. It's a very nice remake for this game
I agree with ripper 64, too bad there were so few games released.
AWESOME racing game.lOl ROFLMAO! needs to have a N64DD section for Dynamic Drive games, including the expansion pack for F-Zero X so we can make tracks AND machines. Sort of like an American version of F-Zero Climax combined with F-Zero GX. Nevertheless, F-Zero X rox like hell. As huggies23 said, 100\% recommended to racing gamers.
This game freaking rules! 100% recommended to racing gamers
Super fast, super fun racing action.
One of the best racing games ever!