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Full Name Dual Heroes.7z
Filesize 8.3 MB
Region USA
Downloads 1665
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What sounds cooler than robot ninjas fighting in outerspace? Nothing that's what. Sadly this game seems to not be able to make it work. Dual Heroes is a straight up 3D fighting game but the bad controls make it difficult to enjoy. I selected Retsu, a "super ninja" from NEO TOKYO and what amazing attacks did I use to defeat my enemies? Nothing more than spamming the punch button and occasionally throwing in a kick out of sheer boredom. The ROM has some issues with the graphics on the menus but the gameplay and cutscenes seem to show up and look just fine. This game is a hard one to pin down since the concept and some of the features make it seem so damn cool. Sadly the developers got lazy after dreaming up the game and never got to work making sure it would turn out actually being good. Pass on this one.