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Full Name Donkey Kong 64.7z
Filesize 45.5 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



this game very bad!!! original game is perfecte
This is by far my favorite N64 Title! It was too bad they didn't come out with this on the Virtual Console. Anyway I agree with some of y'all that it is awkward to play on the keyboard. There are off-brand PS3 USB controllers at Wal-Mart and Target that Project 64 recognizes. Now it's just like old times :)
the game works great doesy one kno how to get inside the alligatoers mouth on the top?? i already tried flying over there wit diddy kong but i flew back a fell
I´m thinking about downloading this but i have a question: Does it play well enough on a keyboard?
i like this game very good
The best part of the game is the multiplayer mode...just fun
There is a problem with the graphix when playing on PJ64, all of the switches and pads do not have any pic's on them, just a colour, witch makes it extremely dificult to work out who needs to do what, also, the amount of golden banana's needed to enter a level is not shown.
better then mario 64 imo
I played this soooo much as a kid... now if only i could get an n64 controller hooked up to my pc
I have reason to believe that the first 2 screenshots were stolen from me, as I distinctly remember those being the thumbnails for some of my youtube videos. Anyway, ontopic. This game is revolutionary, one of my favorite games of the N64 Era. If it wasnt so awkward to play on a keyboard, I would play it every day,
mine comes up with error and give me to many files
i never tried this before but i beat the countries I'll try it