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Full Name Diddy Kong Racing.7z
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Region USA
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One of the best racing games out there.
I remember playing this as a child when i was about 6 years old. I remember that when you have to go in the statue mouth i cried ^^' Anyway this game is really nice...moslty because i like to play as banjo or conker. By the way there is 2 secret character. A chiken witch can be found around the statue when you beat the boss AND you can unlock a secret character by beating all the time attack records. Oh and by the way if you tough you finish the game by beating the boss...try to find the secret world world ^^
This is way better then Mario Kart. The Mario game has other power ups, though.
nah mario kart is better, but this is better than the ds version
Banjo! and Conker!
Definitely worth your time to download and play. It even has a second time play through in story mode in which the races get much harder. I still can't beat wizpig for the final time the second time through. If you like racing games, get it now!
conker seemed so innocent back in those days lol
i have this game on the ninten 64 and it is an awesome game dont ditch the classics
for some reason this game is skipping when i play it on project64
I remember this game from the Christmas of 1997 along with my rumble pack. Much more variety than mario kart and a little funner in my opinion
@elvera If your going to bash a game give a better reason then stupid. That just makes you look stupid. Anyway back to the game at hand. Diddy Kong Racing is a blast to play. Alone or with friends. It can (in my opinion) be much more entertaining then Mario Kart 64. If you enjoy Mario Kart,you're going to love this game. A very solid download.
this game is great.