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Full Name Dezaemon 3D.7z
Filesize 7.7 MB
Region USA
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This game is simply one of the most amazing things I've ever seen for the N64. It is without a doubt a must play. You just have to download it to see what it can do. The game is in Japanese but it's still easy to figure out and the ROM plays amazing with no problems at all. To start with the game is actually two games in one: Solid Gear and Usagi. Both are polygonal shmups (Shoot-Em-Ups) and both are a ton of fun. Solid Gear is a more serious shmup with a space themed setting while Usagi is a super deformed shmup where you blow the heads of giant purple bunny rabbits. While this on it's own makes this game pure awesome it's the other feature of that puts it over the top. This game comes bundled with a make your own/edit your own game feature. It has development tools built into it to allow you to alter the other two titles or build your own from scratch. Everything from models to music is able to be created and used. WOW!