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Full Name Banjo-Tooie.7z
Filesize 41.1 MB
Region USA
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I have PJ64 1.6 so i can run that game and its cool i have more game for Nintendo 64.NDS,NES and SNES
Well....all i can say is if you never played this your incult and you missed one of the best adventure game on N64 ever. Only little problem ( if you actualy play htis on your N64 ) it has some slowdown at some point but on the emulator i didn't have any slowdown yet. I'm almost at the flame and ice level witch are one of the major stages who lag the most on the N64.
It´s the Best Game
The bottles revenge beta mode is GREAT! you can play it when you use cheats on pj64!
its a pretty good game but it might get a little hard
I played the game when i was 8 or 9.Its the best adventures-game for the N64 5/5*
OMG! They made the first one better I have had this game on my real n64 since I was 5=) I was so thrilled when this was the second game I ever got for it and even more when I played it. Kid and teen friendly sort-of. (I still play it and I'm 13 and I know someone 17 who plays it) I commend every single second of this game. (except when I was little I didn't like the scary jinjo king X\_X lol) So download this now... Omg I'm starting to rant I'm gonna look like a loser. Well I don't care this is such a good game. SO MOVE THE MOUSE UP AND CLICK DOWNLOAD. (Only 9.99$...jk) P.S. Banjo-threeie and Banjoe-Kazooie nuts and bolts are not as good as the first 2. Just to save you some time.
An amazing series with 3 wonderful games (not including the xbox title, no thanks goes to Microsoft for buying out Rare)
Love this game. Love this game...
Its incredible this game
A little bummed that my emulator isn't running it at 100\% like it did "Kazooie" but my girlfriend seems to love it anyways. Great game, in fact, so great that I may give "Nuts & Bolts" another whack. lolololol
Had no problems getting the game to play---It ran smooth with no issues at all---Great game.