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Full Name Army Men - Sarge's Heroes.7z
Filesize 6.0 MB
Region USA
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for me this one of the first games i got for the n64. and was one of the first that i beat. i did not use cheats. for me the controls where easy to use and the game had hours on hours of fun. on the emulator tho the game delets it self. wish i had my copy of the game
Graphically and sound wise the ROM is solid and the gameplay is good but just like the sequel the controls really hold this third person shooter back from greatness.
This game is very good. Graphics aren't too brilliant but the whole concept of being a toy soldier is fun. You use toy guns to kill other toy soldiers, blow up toy tanks and when you get wounded it's referred to as a plastic wound. It offers hours of fun and some people will need to use cheats, which come along with the game.