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Full Name Army Men - Air Combat.7z
Filesize 4.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



I used to play this game as a kid with a friend of mine, very nostalgic and extremely entertaining. I preferred this Air Combat game over Sarge's Heroes. The Coop play is just as fun as single player mode. I only played the Nintendo 64 version so I'm not sure how the controls feel on the Playstation or PC.
An open area mission based helicopter game. You have the ability to choose between what type of helicopter you want to use and who to have along as a co-pilot at the start of each mission. Each level has multiple items to power up your choppers weapons. You have a basic machine gun with infinite ammo, power up weapons such as missles, and special weapons such as napalm. You can pick up health and ammo by using a grappling hook mounted on your chopper. You can also use the grappling hook to move items on the terrain to block enemies and set up cover. Very fun and a solid ROM with no problems emulating.