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Full Name Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage.7z
Filesize 26.5 MB
Region USA
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The overall aspects of the game are good, but unfortunately it is overshadowed by terrible music and flawed combat, but you should give it try especially if you like RPGs.
i loved playing this game on my N64 back in the day... Could never find it for sale and must have rented it 10 times. Sure it has its quirks but i still thoroughly enjoyed it as there aren't many RPGs similar on the platform. jim81jim summed the dynamics of the game fairly nicely so this post doesn't contribute much. delete this post if you will mods
Ugh, this is an RPG that made me suffer. I did not enjoy it.
The battle system and the story line aren't bad, but that's about it... the music is hard to listen to, the maps don't make sense (it took me about half an hour to find the throne room in the castle), and the character designs are interesting, but kinda ugly.
truly a beautiful n64 rpg.
A fairly solid RPG for the N64 that plays just fine on Project64. No problems with graphics or sound on this ROM. Your character explores an overworld where he can choose multiple paths to his objectives which he gets as the story progresses. Combat is similar to that found in Final Fantasy 12 where you are able to see an enemy before you engage them and can maneuver around them on the field of combat. Your characters have an effect area in which they can move and preform actions each turn during combat so strategy takes the form of choosing where to position each person and the order in which you choose to attack. The absence of any decent music and voice acting hurt the game though and can make it feel tedious.