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Full Name 64 Hanafuda - Tenshi no Yakusoku.7z
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You see Hanafuda is an actual card game, by Nintendo in fact. Long before they became the game company we know and love in 1889 as a card company. If you'd like to know more about Hanafuda all you really have to do is wiki it or google it. It's not that hard of a game and it's pretty fun. As for the game itself...I've only played a couple minutes in. I can't read Japanese, however so far the first option is the story mode. Which I could care less about since I can't read it. The second choice seems to be free mode where you choose your characters. I chose the first option in the second one, I have no idea what the second option of that part is, or what the third final option is when you first click start. Probably the options menu or something. You get to choose your character in free mode, I don't know if you can unlock any more in the story mode. The graphics aren't best but I think they have sort of that old quality. Though not everyone will feel that way. I've only played one round myself as the little boy(or girl, you never know with anime style graphics...)Versus the Cop looking character. I lost. I never said I was great at the game but it's pretty fun. And it seems to have a little help system while you play. Basically it shows a little blue rectangle on the matching card you can use. The goal of the game is to get more points, certain cards are worth certain points. So far it was an enjoyable little game, but I've only played a couple minutes in.
The ROM works great. I had no issues whatsoever with it. As for the game itself it appears to be a card game. I tried my best to follow along with how to play the game but it was hard due to the fact the game is not in English. There are large segments of dialogue between characters before and after each card battle. The card battles themselves seem to be based on some kind of pictograph battle formula where you try to match up images and create runs of cards. After the battle is over scores are assigned to each player and a winner is declared.