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Full Name The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction (U)(STARCUBE).7z
Filesize 1.03 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 7057
Can Download No



This is the best Hulk game made to date and arguably one of the best super hero games. It all depends on your taste but you can't go wrong with this. The replay value is extremely high.
You can run up a multi story building, and when you get to the top leap up in the air and ride a harrier jump jet to the ground whilst its spiralling, then grab a car -rip it into two and make hulk gloves out of it and start pounding the living hell out of everything. Then when you finished you can throw the gloves at another plane. Hulk has over 70 moves in this game, he can catch a rocket and throw it back to the sender. Its the best, they based the Hulk movie sequel starring Edward Norton on this game.
Besides the Arkham series this is the best superhero game ever made.
I have this on the PS2, but i doubt there is much difference. The game is pure mindless mayhem at its best. Decent story opens up to a free-roaming city with missions that you choose when you want to do them. (like Ultimate Spider-Man (another good game people should check out), or even GTA to a point) Aside from the storyline missions, and the free-roaming smash-fest, there are tons of "Challenge" type missions; example of one is it puts you on top of a building with a big steel beam and some poor guy jumps out of a helicopter and you try to hit him as far as you can like a baseball! Tons of different abilities you will unlock over time really adds to the fun, and even though you can die i think the game does a really good job of making the Hulk as much of an unstoppable force of nature as he could be without breaking the gameplay. If you care anything about having fun then this game is for you! Period! End of Story! Fin...
Two words: "HULK SMASH!"
i like this game :P