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Full Name Tales of Symphonia Disc 2 (U)(OneUp).7z
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Region USA
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This is awsome game! *----*
I am surprised no one has commented on what is arguably one of THE best GameCube games of all times! :-o This game is great, graphics rocks... the combat is similar, yet improved from other Tales like (like Tales of Eternia) in some ways, because it camera moves. And yet, this game holds true to that anime-style gaming we all love. Very good game, get it! Christian
Tales of Symphonia was a great release for the Gamecube. It was one of the MOST memorable Tales Of games I ever played (And I've been there from day one baby!). I cherish this game a TON, so being able to play it on my computer is an honor to say the least. Thanks Romulation :D
I remember when I first played this game, lovely memories =). I just loved ToS main story, the sidequests!! The one having the most difficult boss on the game, I remember defeating in mania mode, now that was hard.
Yes, as axis112 said, the first picture is from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World for the Wii. It's pretty easy to tell, since the characters in the first image aren't even in this game.
The first picture is not correct; that is from the the Wii game. The second picture is correct.