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Full Name Tales of Symphonia Disc 1 (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 0.96 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



YEP...the best game in the series yet,although i find the story is a bit lacking but for "Tales of" standart it's good...
it gets stuck in the very first battle :/
This is arguably one of THE best GameCube games of all times! ^_^ This game is great, graphics rocks... the combat is similar, yet improved from other Tales like (like Tales of Eternia) in some ways, because it camera moves. And yet, this game holds true to that anime-style gaming we all love. Very good game, get it! Christian
i love this game the game offers a great adventure and a good plot
Freezes before the first battle with botta. Could it be a dolphin emu problem? Fairly certain it's not the computer; only dolphin freezes. Music on mines is good; voices aren't fluent, the frames-per-second is probably too low. I'm not sure about yours.
I need help, everything seems fine except for the music in all places, the voices are fine but the rest is not. Sorry for my noobish question but I want to know if that's normal or that's for this game or I need to tweak something. thanks (by the way I use Dolphin).
its a good game , but only thing i have a problem with is that when i go into combat its slow , like it seems the fighting is in slow motion.. anyone have any ideas? and i tried to put it on the best performance
This game is Amazing! and to the guy that posted years ago a few posts up and for future references for anyone that needs to know, all you gotta do is rename the file to .iso from .gcm and it will be an iso file. soo simple woot! than burn it with imgburn the best free burner around, very similiar to dvddecrypter
@Rolfperson It's probably you didn't download it correctly,in that case,you have nothing to do but re-download it...
Could you probably help me please? Is this an ISO file or a GCM file. It is important,because I would like to burn it and I need it in ISO. So please tell me. Okk?
This game is built for the Dolphin. The Dolphin emulator takes ISO (disk image files) only. If you bring up the dolphin emu, and it doesn't read the ISO file, then I think the file maybe corrupt. Try downloading it again.
If you are trying to burn the file to disk and expect to run in on your GameCube platform, it won't work. The disk/file needs to be converted for the GC.
It says the file is corrupted. How do i fix it?
downloaded lightning fast, which is always good. boots up perfectally on Dolphin Emu even though their homepage says it's not fully supported. had no issues yet with performance on a 1.4ghz Pentium duel core and a intel Mobile 369 graphics chip (laptop). so this release should work great for all you folks out there who dont have a modded GC or a super-new computer -deli