Full Name Super Smash Bros Melee (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 937.9 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



I love this game, after getting past some weird glitches and bad graphics, and the cheats not working. Also, too bad it's not downloadable anymore. Plus, reading the comments, I can see some people don't extract with WinRAR properly. There are quite a few files to extract. Anyway, awesome game.
Awesome game
Why can I not play this game????? It says that it could not init any PAD plug-ins... Can somebody please help??
I think this is the best game ever. To be specific I give it a 9.9 out of 10! The only thing that would make this game interesting is if it had superhero like characters or a create a character thing. But anyways, the reason I think it's such an awesome game is because you can never get bored of this game, and there is always something to do after you beat the adventure mode.
If you liked this game (which is mega-fun), I also suggest you try the smaller download version, which is called "Super Smash Bros." for the Nintendo 64 (N64)!!!! :) The GameCube game is base don the N64 game. Very good game as well and available at Romulation, this awesome ROM site!! :) And it doesn't require as many points and it's a quick download. Graphics and sound are good as well! :) But the GameCube is well worth downloading as well!! :) Get this game!! ^_^
This is one of my favorite games ever. I have racked up about 500 hours playtime on it over the last few years...
Hey dudes, I have a mac need help!!!! I love super smash brothers, I have Brawl and I played the first game but I WANT Melee. can anyone tell me the proper emu to use for mac and how to work it out.
I've been playing SSB on 64 and its really good. But i want to get this version for dolphin, the problem is what would happen if my point go below zero.?
1 GB FOR IT!? Your joking. Think ill torrent this. Damn i wasted my points.
how come there's no ISO file??
How do you run it with dolphin?
SSBM I WANT IT. to bad im not allowed to download the emulator and game. my dad can get me free controller and game anyways.