Get extra points, upload a screenshot
Full Name Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2 Rogue Leader (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 1.23 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



Works as of Dolphin 5.0
Hopefully works fine on Nintendon't through the Homebrew channel
yeph, it works on nintendon't
I confirmed, roms not compatible with Dolphin :)
Thanks for the heads up, toxxel. Saves me from wasting the points and time to download something I can't use. As for the game itself, this is actually the very first game I played for the Gamecube back when it first launched. All that really needs to be said about the game's quality is that it's a Star Wars flight sim from developer Factor 5. They set the standard for licensed Star Wars games with the first Rogue Squadron on the N64 and the sequel just builds on that already very solid foundation.
Doesn't work with dolphin, image must use TLB to map memory which is unsupported.