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Full Name Soul Calibur 2 (U)(NOMIS).7z
Filesize 0.95 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



Definitely getting this because of Link, but I prefer playing it on the Xbox as it can run at 960x720 and looks amazing!
It has Link from the Zelda games, it runs perfectly on the Dolphin emulator. It is easily the best fighting game that Nintendo have ever published on any console . Play it.
This game is really great and I would recommend it to everyone who likes videogames.
the game is amazing and link just makes it better.
THIS GAME IS CRAZY EPIC and thats why i love soul calibur because they take the best out of the best characters and we face off! man i hope soul calibur never stops! also i have 13000 points (no premium) W00t!
nice game played it loved it and... i have 6500 points (no premium)
I have 45000
I wish there easy hacks available to get Spawn into this version of the game. I can live without Heihachi, but Spawn is cool.
Link is available on the GC version, Spawn on the xbox version and Heihachi on the ps2 version
do you get to control link?
it's very coll game
This game is great, specially cause it has link in it! :D I would not download it tough if I had the newest version, it is much better, although it was only released for the 360 and Playstation 3.