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Full Name Skies of Arcadia (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 762.4 MB
Region USA
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Skies of Arcadia was probably the best RPG of the GameCube's era; it geave even Tales of Symphonia stiff competition. It's completely worth your points to download, especially since copies on Amazon (used!) will run you more than it cost when it first released. I've spent a lot of time playing it just marveling and exploring at the world you have access to. It really is unique as a title, and I wish there were more things like it. It's an underrated gem.
SoA is one of the first rpgs I have played back in the gamecube days, I had never played it on Dreamcast. The only difference between the Gamecube version and the Dreamcast version is Gamecube version has more things to explore and more side quests/adventures, which don't affect the storyline.
fantastic as much as I've played however... how much is the file compressed? someone please tell me this because it needs to be uncompressed for me specific type of emulation, so it must be larger than 1.32 gb... especially since I apparently have to wait a week due to your points system which I find infuriating to no end.
Great Game of old generation^^ thanks finaly i an play ^^
This game is amazing. 1)Skies Of Arcadia 2)Wild Arms 2 3)Final Fantasy 7
Just so you guys know, this game originally came out for the Sega DreamCast (DC). Since the DreamCast basically died out once Nintendo bought over Sega, the DreamCast version went nowhere. This game (Skies of Arcadia) was the silver lining of the DC and it is one of the few reasons Sega actually had some success with the DC. Skies of Arcadia for the GameCube is basically the same game as the DC, except everything has improved; graphics, sound, etc. This game is A !!! Get it! You will be glad you did! :)
Best game for DC and they only made it better for the GC
I haven't got my GC chipped. I so want this game, but is there a program I can use to play this on my PC?
yes there is, its called Dolphin emulator, playable on both Windows and Mac, and if you own a Gamecube controller you can calibrate it with the program.
this game rocks so hard core
This was a pretty good RPG. I might recommend the Dreamcast version, but I think this one might have some enhanced features that make it the better choice.
this game is godly
This game absolutely fantastic, There are no game like this in GC. Worth to be played. :)