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Full Name Resident Evil 4 Disc 1 (U)(WEEDCUBE).7z
Filesize 808.4 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 6597
Can Download No



RE4 is one of the "All Time Top5 GameCube Games." If you've never played it, you gotta get it. It still holds up 2011 (while I'm writing this). RE1 (for PSX) got it all started, that alone makes it a classic. RE2 had a different feeling to it, a worthy sequel. RE3 is a dud! The whole scheme was played out. You might get it for the record. There is no other reason for it. - A little later than RE3, "Code Veronica" came out. A very good game, that took the series into a new direction. RE5 is very action oriented, like "Gears of War." Be that as it may: I think the series has to go back to spooky horror, and whacked out boss-characters, that were present in RE4. If you play RE4: The game has violent moments, no doubt. But the boss characters are kind of loony. It has to be like that, it can't be too serious. As a Game Guide for RE4, I can recommend the BradyGames Official Strategy Guide. GameSpot has a guide for RE4, but it is......not good (to put it in PG-13 words :) ). Me, I'm looking for the (US) ISO of the game, to play it with an emulator, hopefully in high-definition. I have a GameCube and the original retail of RE4. With the ISO, I want to save the game into the new computer and high-definition age. Resident Evil 4 is the best. Don't miss it!
I agree with you. RE4 is actually considered the highest graphic game for Nintendo Gamecube. People appreciate its visuals even today.
Res evil 4 and code veronica are the only res evil games still worth playing really, 4 is still awesome even now :D
Does this work on the dolphin Emulator?
I like the wii version for it's combination of the good graphics of the gamecube version, the real-time cutscenes of the gamecube version, and the extras of the ps2 version. This is my favorite game of all time!
where can I download a complete set-up and configuration of gamecube dolphin?
This version is better than ps2 and Wii.