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Full Name P.N.03 (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 1.04 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



This was a game I was really excited about when they first announced it as part of the big Capcom 5 games to be released for GameCube (RE4, Killer7, P.N. 03, Viewtiful Joe, and the cancelled Dead Phoenix), all of which were initially supposed to be exclusive to the Cube and overseen by Shinji Mikami. Shinji Mikami was one of my favorites back during that era, and this was one of the most exciting looking games to come out of that bunch (this was before anyone was able to play any of these games). Then the game released to pretty mediocre reviews, which was pretty disappointing and stopped me from actually getting the game. Years went on and I heard it was actually a bit underrated and better than what the critics had initially given it credit for. I would really love to try this game out to put this years long burning curiosity to rest.
i saw it was a very underrated game so im going to give it a try