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Full Name Metroid Prime (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 942.6 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



Prime is fun as hell
Great game
This is one of the best games on the gamecube, and considering by some one of the best of all time. Play it.
I like Samus--period...without the suit that is...okay maybe with the suit on but without the helmet, grieves, gloves, and body armor. She is my kind of heroine.
i agree this is a gemstone of a game, i rate it well. i wish i never flogged my gamecube i had some amazing games for it.
One of the best games of all time, this is a must-play. It is difficult to classify this game purely as an FPS, because the game also integrated a lot of classic Metroid features such as finding hidden rooms and power-ups, solving platforming puzzles and examining everything you come across to obtain its log-book entries. It was really a massive game, and few games have given me this feeling of large-scale grandness since.
This is the greatest game of Metroid. They delivered a unique presentation of one of the most solid nintendo franchises.
My second favorite Metroid game of all time!!! If you have a GC or Wii it is a must have for sure. =]
This the best GC game, and one of the best games of all time period. If you have a wii or gamecube, it is a crime not to have played this masterpiece