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Full Name Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Disc 2 (U)(ROCKSTAR).7z
Filesize 1.21 GB
Region USA
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To the two saying there is no Disc 2..dipshits. Past the first area you're gonna need Disc 2
yeah that is a pic of mgs2 the level when you get caught.
ARGH!!!! there is not disc 2!!!! i start a new game in this disc and it starts like the first one!!!
Hellnok is correct. that photo is from MGS2 on the Tanker level close to what looks like the Locker room area.
Hi, I tested this disc and when I start a NEW GAME it does not ask for DISC 1. Is this right?
The picture in this is from MGS2: Sons of Liberty, not at all from Twin Snakes..