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Full Name Mario Kart Double Dash (U)(GCRip).rar
Filesize 1.21 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



i tried this game back when gamestop sold gamecube games and i tried 2 stores and both of the disc worked but i didn't get to play them at all i was mad and once i heard about emulators i was happy about that i can play the gamecube games i want on my computer
can someone be so kind and tell me how to play this game on my wii, considering that my disc reader is busted i can only use a method that involves using an external hard drive, well this goes for all gamecube games, for the wii games i have no issues, i will love forever the one that can be able to assist me, thank you very much
I'm sure they are using Dolphin emu.
Dolphin emulator = gamecube wii works on my PC go here and without the arows ->( )<- and without the arows only in circle GOT IT or your fucking stupid and dont get it ps. get Dolphin (32bit Win) SVN 4771 Dolphin (64bit Win) SVN 4771 dosent work
I liked this game on the 'Cube, but for some reason it says the file is corrupted when i extract it. Can't wait until it works.
Dolphin is the only good emulator you can use. Plus, they update it a lot to improve performance. Google it (or Yahoo it!) to download the lastest version. I tried Alien Hominid on it and it works perfectly on my average laptop. About the game, I think it's one of the best games. I can still remenber when I first bought it years ago from a Walmart store for 72 dollars (taxes included). Here we can get it for free, sort of. Downloading right now!
how do you play the burnt game on homebrew?
read the instuctions idiot 50 every day or 500 points for rich people people who can be bothered to pay or 15000 points for 6 dollars
How can I get points to buy this game? I just started today, and everythings new to me!
guys just use gc backup loader on your unmodded wii. that way you can play these games easily with no problems. use nero to burn the iso to normal dvd r. more than one if you like. after download rename the file to .iso and burn at 2x speed. insert into wii and run the homebrew channel and play away. if you need to know about the homebrew channel or anything else, search google. :)
Why i can't run the game with ati graphic card?
i like this game