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Full Name Luigis Mansion (U)(STINKYCUBE).7z
Filesize 1.29 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



Not sure if its a bad download or not but after downloading it i have a 1.3 gig iso file but has nothing on it wbfs manager reports it as being zero bytes but iso of 1.3 gigs
I absolutely love this game had this game when i got my gamecube it was unfortunately stolen with all the games. so i bought a wii homebrewed it got a gamecube emulator and downloaded this game. I will let all of you know this game works like a charm i am in love right now
A perfect starter game for the gamecube it was! Still took me a while to finish tough haha.. I remember i didnt know what to do after i got the fire blast vacuum.
I haven't get to try this game yet
i think it does work on wii
I used dolphin to get it on my computer I can play with Xbox remote
Fun game, interesting controls and story. The game is pretty short though, but fun to mess around on anyway. It actually has some replay value....but I won't give that away incase anyone hasn't played it.
if i put this on a CD-R/RW will it work on the wii?
no burn it to dvd mini needs gamecube backup launcher and wiigator
As long as you have a GameCube controller and memory card buy it depends what kind of wii you have
Great game, like always it's like the luigi-version of mario sunshine :) But I prefer this because there's more danger (ghosts, darkness...) in this game.
I got this (and 5 other games free) on launch day. There was a glitch on the system at the shop I used to work in, and it allowed me to scan 6 games and not charge me when I bought the Gamecube. So the money I set aside for games went on extra controllers n stuff... Anyhoo: I played this game more than any other on the GC save for Animal Crossing and Resident Evil. It was the only launch title I still had when I part exchanged my GC for a 360 and is the first CG game I'm downloading for the Wii. Lovely graphics, near perfect controls (once you get used to them) and a prime example of the Gamecube capabilities. The ghosthunting is fun and the puzzles and story are decent enough to keep you playing that little bit longer. Mansion is in darkness, but once you've ghostbusted an area/room, the lights stay on. I love it, and although graphically its not the most boundary pushing, it wont look poor in comparison to the Wii standard of graphics!! Enjoy :o)
This game is pretty good. Mario has been captured and put into a painting, and you play as Luigi as you explore a mansion he won in a lotto draw he did not enter. With the help of Professor E-Gadd (sp) and his Pultergust 3000 (sp), you hunt down ghosts to work your way through the mansion, while capturing Boos and special ghosts, to finally find marios location and free him from his painted prison.