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Full Name James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing (U)(ROCKSTAR).7z
Filesize 764.7 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Can Download No



Seeing YouTube footage of this game via Dolphin was the reason I bought a gaming PC! Bought this years ago for GC and loved it, but seeing it 'remastered' made me open my wallet big time to get a 'rig' MAN OH MAN was it worth it! Farewell GC fuzziness and "Hello" PC awesomeness!!! Runs a pretty constant 30fps, although when there there are a lot of things on fire happening on screen, the frame rate drops quite considerably :( Don't know if any of you Dolphin Veterans out there have a fix for that? Anyway, I can forgive it for that, coz it is a fantastic emulation!!