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Full Name Harvest Moon Magical Melody (U)(OneUp).7z
Filesize 1.23 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



I enjoyed playing this game although I like a wonderful life much better, but unfortunatly this site doesn't have that one. All and all I think that this game is worth a download just to give it a try
are you sure? now im downloading this game, i dunno if its broken or not.. it take me a quite long time. =="
I can never get this working on my computer and yes i know i need better graphics on my computer but it's also space. at least 2 gb is needed to play this
Harvest Moon games have always been very hit-or-miss. The critics seem to love some of the games, and say the others are pretty mediocre. I know the N64 one was quite popular, and for some reason I think I recall this one being one of the better ones. Still, I think you are much better off playing Farmville or whatever, or else getting Animal Crossing because that is fun sometimes.
Hey..i downloaded this ISO, but found to be took me quite a long time to download and lots of point i wan to redownload but not enough point..Please..i got the Broken Rar File and i need a good one..
am i douing sumthing wrong please help me it went to a winrar file and when i try to extract it it says error this file may be broken please help!
This was the first Harvest moon game i played and my (bias) opinion its a fun game. If your a Harvest moon player, give it a try.
Or, go beyond DS and go Wii!
This game's alright... Try the DS version its must better