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Full Name Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (U)(RARE).7z
Filesize 529.2 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Can Download No



love the multiplayer feature
Finkrocks is wrong about one thing, you dont need a gamecube backup launcher to run gamecube backups on the wii, you can use Neogamma to run them on softmodded wiis I reccommend going to and reading their "softmod any wii" guide. Follow that step by step making sure you do everything exactly as it tells you and you won't have any problems playing wii/gamecube backups on the wii no matter what system menu version you have on your wii.
Black screen in the intoduction! Anyone knows how to run this properly?
this game is gonna be great
This game also released in NDS, right? Since I got a lot of points (I join since 2008) I guess I'll test this game on Dolphin emulator.
To get enough points, you need to wait a long time (50 points per day) or donate and get premium membership [500(?) points per day] I've had my account since November(?) and I have 7194 points... :D
How come when i try Downloading it shows i don't have enough points? how do i get points? and where does it show my points? Please Help. I love all FF Games!
You need to use a downloaded save file to run in Dolphin. ...or you could do what I did and get it off of ebay for dirt cheap ;)
when i start to play the game it goes black at the intro
@BFheroes14 Ya you can burn it and play it on your wii as long as the wii is modded. I've played tons of burnt gamecube games on my wii. The best part is that burnt gamecube games run with no lag on the wii (unlike some wii games). You will need the gamecube backup launcher though. You CAN NOT just use the normal wii backup launcher(unless the wii is hard modded, not soft modded).
iviv: What if I did it on Wii? would I be able to burn and use it on wii? Pleez respond cuz I also have Legend of Zelda Wind Waker waiting.
pratyaska,its only one picture in japanese.Great game though.