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Full Name Eternal Darkness (U)(RARE).7z
Filesize 1.08 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



the rom doesn´t work :( for me
love this game brings back memories
This is easily one of the greatest games for the Gamecube, and in it's own right just a classic game altogether. If you enjoyed the old Resident Evil mechanics of gameplay and puzzles, this is the game for you. A wonderful variety of characters, eras, weapons, and scare tactics will keep you entertained for the duration of the game. When you get to a certain characters analysis of enemies, be sure to go through them, great audio logs!
I totally agree Weatherbee, I absolutely LOVED this game on GC and once I'd bought a gaming PC, could NOT wait to download and play this again! In fact I was looking forward to playing it EVEN MORE than before coz it was gonna look A WHOLE LOT BETTER thru Dolphin than it ever did on ye olde GC!! Fabulous game imo!
The game is supposed to be really good, but when I had it I only played the first couple minutes of it and couldn't get into it. The story is supposed to be really good, and gets better once you start controlling other characters though, I assume.
in this game save once your a romain fighter. Saves you some time for the different endings. And yes play this with your sanity all the way down. it was 4 in the morning I was playing, had no sanity and went to save and quit and it said "now deleting save game" I freaked out!
This game is one of the scariest games of all time