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Full Name Dragonball Z Budokai 2 (U)(REACT0R).7z
Filesize 875.6 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



this game is good!!
which emulator do i need to use to play this game?
I like this game i am a fan of dragon ball..... but i havent tried it yet i'm still downloading it hehehe can i use joystick in playing game cube emulator?
hi i want a gamecube emulator beacues i can't get a good and working emulator because i played this game at a friend and it is great good job :bd
Good game! DBZ saga is the best...
wow havent played thhis game in years but still awsome
It runs fine but the graphics are kinda screwy all the characters look like parts of there body have been moved or reshaped.
anybody else getting a weird graphic thing where the characters are disfigured?
Played 3 on ps2, but since 3 isnt on GameCube, i'll just DownLoad these. by the way Romulation is the best site evah! no looking for torrents with seeds/leech, just download, wait an hour and its done!
wow, teh epicness
i have this for ps2 and yes very addicting
maverse, try running it on Direct3d plugin instead of the openGL. i run it on max speeds with a sucky PC. fps never dips below 40 so its very smooth with sound all on. oh btw here are my specs for reference: athlon x2 5000 2.6GHz 3gb 667 ram nvidia 9200 1.8GB shared vmem