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Full Name DragonBall Z Budokai (U)(OneUp).7z
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Thank you so much :* I'm playing with Dolphin Emulator Android Smooth but Slow Motion, No problem keep enjoy! :D
This game rocks. Best graphics outta all three.
The first picture is a screen from the PS2 version of this game. The gamecube version featured cel shaded graphics that were rough but very sweet. The second and third pics confirm this.
Does it played on PSX????? Can any1 tell me??? Any oNE.
Dragonball Z: Budokai is the first installment of the DBZ: Budokai Series. (Not to be confused with the Budokai Tenkaichi series.)The game includes many fighters, and story, from the Saiyan Saga to the Cell Saga. Budokai is also the most like a traditional fighting game in the series, in the sense that you must perform attack combos in order to use special moves. Budokai was the first Dragonball Z game to include in-battle transformations(I think, not 100% sure. =P) In order to use your special skills you must buy their corresponding capsule from the shop, and equip it on the proper character. This goes for Transformations as well as support capsules, which give special effects and boosts. The story mode spans from the arrival of Raditz to the end of the Cell Saga, but includes many What-If scenarios for each Saga for continued play after you've beaten the story once. All in all it's one of my favorite fighting games, check it out if you get the chance.
This games so awesome: I already have it for PS2 but gonna download it again now :D :P
hence,the name GAMECUBE!!!
its o.k. for beginners.... otherwise its kinda dumb....
they dont work
Well...its Budoukai 1,the first budokai evar,u expect it to compete with tenkaichi 3?
this game sucks compared to budokai tenkaichi 3 but its for game cube so its expected