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Full Name Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings CD2 (U)(FRACTURE).7z
Filesize 1.28 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



Try instead of burning find the emulator called Dolphin which is for GC/Wii
I downloaded this iso and extracted it from the .rar file and then used the burn iso thing from a progam i found... 2 hours playing and the appears the message '' this cd could not be read''. !!!!!!! i tryed to use other devede to burn the iso but it dind't work, please dont go trough the same prblem i did and dont download this one, i think its corrupted or something
As a continuation for my post on the first disc of the game...I also want to add that I don't see why this game has two discs. Could they really not find the space to fit it on a single disc? I mean unless the voice-acting took up a lot of space I don't see it, because the graphics are about average and most dialogue takes place with still images of the characters in various poses. I think it only has two discs to make the game seem more epic and hardcore RPG-ish, which it is not.