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Full Name Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings CD1 (U)(FRACTURE).7z
Filesize 1.27 GB
Region USA
Can Download No



I remember this game back in the day, Didn't like the card system at first but grew to love it in the end. A definite must for people into RPG games and wants something to freshen things up a little
It's funny that no one mentions the bright, detailed graphics that the BK team worked forever on. This game, if nothing else, is a wonderful piece of art. Add the fully orchestrated background music, and you can see that more time and effort were put in to making this game look and sound amazing.
I Got this game used for cheap on eBay and i really like the game play of it. It's smooth and the card system, that has been done really poorly in some games, has been used in a smart and fun way to make the game that much more entertaining. Definitely worth a check if you're into some good classic style RPG's with a little twist.
This is really underestimated (?) game
to fablerew, the battle system is great once you understand it and start learning to chain things together well, landing a 1-9 combo on the final boss with all one element is epic to do and you have to think fast and have a well prepared deck to do so, sounds pretty good to me
As a huge RPG fan, I was utterly disappointed by this game. The characters are generic, the voice-acting is mostly annoying, there aren't many memorable tunes that play in the background, and worst of all the battle system isn't fun. You basically have three seconds to make each of your battle commands and then watch it play out until your next turn, and besides having barely any time to think you really don't have many options as far as cards go anyway.
looks cool but why ios this game 3 discs is it so long i like the card sistim
i used to own this game time ago.... mannnn i want it again so bad im gonna buy it no doubt bout tht. i remember the cards used to age as well which was pretty kul but also annoying lol
its a great game! i bought it awhile back because i wanted a new RPG. it has a Unique card battle system, healing cards, magic cards, weapon cards. your cards never go away, BUT the food cards you get that heals you ages and you get rotten food that won't heal you anymore, you can use them as a weapon or just toss them. you have 2 level up systems, 1 requires you to find special items that are exclusive to each character, these will increase the number of cards that character can equip, the other is the simple gain EXP and level up type of thing. you play as YOU in this game, the characters interact with you, they can't see you but when you select text to talk with them, they act like they can hear what you say through the TV, it makes you feel like your actually a character in the game. often times you must reply in a way that makes the main character happy, it effects the characters willingness to trust you, and he loses strength in battle, but gains strength if you make him happy. and most of the game has Voice cast so you don't need to read constantly. i figured out the strange sound of the characters voices are meant to be like that, its supposed to sound like the characters are talking inside your TV, but all it does is make them sound like their talking into a lousy broken Microphone or something.. i haven't beaten it yet, but i will say its been fun so far. the story is based in the future i guess, and the world is too polluted to live on so everyone lives on sky islands and everyone has wings. overall i give it a 8/10.
Damn download is over 1 GB I don't know if I would download but Im a huge fan of the game I have the both of them
Great game I recomend it