Full Name Animal Crossing (U)(OneUp).rar
Filesize 1.35 GB
Region USA
Compatibility Perfect (Details)
Downloads 17861
Can Download No



Why is this such a huge download? I understand that all of the games here are padded to fill the 1.35 GB disc, but the 7-zip file should more closely reflect the actual game size: 32 MB!
Best game ever! It never gets boring!
This is an awesome game!
Thanks i have all the original animal crossing (N64,gamecube,DS,wii) and i want to play these on the pc :P Thanks!
great game, enough said. animal crossing has plenty of aspects to keep one busy for hours
I love this game but will it work if I download it on a DvD R disk and play it on my mintendo Wii?
These roms are intended for use with an emulator. You download the gamecube emulator to your computer and use your computer to play the game.
Hi I have Animal crossing lets go to the city and animal crossing wild world but I also want this one too but I don't have a game cube but I do have a nintendo wii. Do I just save this game on my DvDr disk then play it on mt wii? will it work? thank you I am looking forward to playing this game :D
I have Animal crossing lets go to the City and Animal Crossing Wild World but I also want this one because I love Animal Crossing but I don't have a gamecube but I do have a nintendo wii I realy need help when I download this game do I just save it on a DvDR disk? then just play it on my wii will it work. Thank you for your help I am looking forward on playing this game Bye thank you :D
Animal Crossing is good, but on a real GameCube is the game much better, because the game is very big, and it needs much time to download. And the Controlling is much better on a GameCube, too.
Great game loved it on gamecube love it now nice upload
nice release ;) thanks!
This is a really good game hahahahah in fact I have all of them but I have always liked This one.