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Full Name 1080 Avalanche (U)(MOONCUBE).7z
Filesize 800.8 MB
Region USA
Compatibility Playable (Details)
Downloads 16134
Can Download No



This was the last Christmas present my mum ever got me before she passed. I still have the original GC game even now but no GC so to have this for Nintendont ..... I've always loved it as a game anyway, it's a sweet snowboarding title! Thank you so much for the provider :)
One of the best GAMECUBE games ever made.
Well, it has its own style of snowboarding. Trick is cool, but not mandatory - instead, you need to speed up for your victory. That may be achieved by using rails, jumps, and maybe knocking out competitor by "power".
his is awesome one of the best snow games
I loved the one for the gamecube... loving this one all the way
Crazy game! I like it.