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Full Name 0898 - Pokemon - Sapphire Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



Awesome game but the Gym Leaders start having over-leveled Pokemon by the time you get to the Thunder Gym...
does it work 4 R4
you need to use Winrar to open the file you have downloaded then drag that file to your vba, and if putting it on gba you would need a sync cable. hope that helps a few people xx
ok if when i download this i can play it do i need to do something special to it? I have the game do i need a cable or anything to sync my GBA(Game Boy Advanced) to my computer. I have the visualboyadvance running but when i go to file and open their is nothing to click. When i click and drag the 898 sapphire download it says their is no immage. Any hints, or, helpful tips of anything im doing wrong. Thanks
white screen for me, the flash type didnt work either
is this good this looks tint
Why does the game freeze at "The internal battery has run dry. The game can be played"?
howcome the nintendo guys won't make a free mmorpg version of pokemon in FULL 3D GLORY!!! is it a matter of cost or something else entirely... even if it's graphics would look something like Ragnarok i know that it would work!! ^^
they should make a ds game for pokemon yellow a remake.. maybe call it... pokemon pikayellow and then u can travel from kanto all the way to sinnoh... omg it would be epic.. and it goes exactly like the show but u can go to sinnoh with charizard but u still cant evolve pikachu xD and pikachu will still follow u around and every region u change clothes OMG IT WOULD BE SO FUN :D i wish they would make one like that u_u
yes you can download Lame boy emulator for R4
Can i put this on my R4 and play it on my DS?? i need to know!!
This is a great game i love it i had another one with some other game boy and it when slow but this one goes fast just like the real game i love it