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Full Name 0898 - Pokemon - Sapphire Version (U).7z
Filesize 4.1 MB
Region USA
Can Download No



this game is really great... i wish have a gameboy it would be easier though. time to start my quest on catching pokemon :D
The screen shot has a charizard in it and this pokemon is not even in the sapphire game lol
it's a great game, I know it though I never had it, I had Ruby and I really enjoyed it
very good game good graphics and the pokemon are really good
I have all the GBC GBA POKEMON games in my PSP i love POKEMON......
why only a white screen?what should i do?:(
When i run the game only a white screen appears?? What Should i do??
You can use other GBA emulators like no$gba,boyscott emulator and many more... Try finding it at this link.(click Gameboy Advance when you get to the site.) (I can't post a link so just put it http and www)
Sorry but The first time I tried it,it worked but now it doesn't.^^]
Hello people if you get a white screen(which I never got)get NO$GBA and play it with that
Reco if they made a remake of pokemon yellow it would be called lighntingyellow or spirit yellow and be for ds
yah white screen. how?