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Full Name Soul Caliber (U)(DCISO).rar
Filesize 603.9 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Yep no wonder I couldn't find it at first this is the second dreamcast game I played I forgot the other one it's been years anyway I think I like this game better than Soul Calibur 2 the missions are way better Soul Calibur 2 missions were annoying that's the biggest reason why I play Soul Calibur without missions it would be another tekken game tekken has missions from what I heard but it's to late Soul Calibur was first.
Title is spelled wrong, It should be Calibur, not Caliber
so would overburn of 768mb speed of 10x work on a 700mb CD-R?
hmm not too familiar with that i use alcohol 120... i guess i'll take a look at it thanks
kaggai: Dreamcast games use 'overburn' which allows you to get more data on a CD than you normally can. You need to burn it using Padus DiscJuggler and a CDRW drive that is listed on the DiscJuggler compatibility list.
darn... file too big... its aroun 706 or 760mb when the cdi is its own file... too big for cd-r's file limit...
is this cdi..or self boot?...need a reply ASAP...
but instead this version is a million times better than soulblade
it actually comes from soulblade the best game ever on ps1
This game is amazing. If you like Soul Calibur 2, 3 or IV, you have to see where this game came from. 5/5.
602.mb wow thats all my points gone But great game ive got the 2nd (Soul Calibur 2) and planin on tryin to get the IV but oh well, great game!!