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Full Name Sonic Adventure 2 (U)(ECHELON).7z
Filesize 567.4 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



This is my favorite Sonic Game on the dreamcast
A beautiful game with realistic art, great plot, and magnificent, memorable dialogue. I like this game so much. 9.62/10
This game is a classic, and it aged surprisingly well. The graphics look nice, even now. The soundtrack is pretty great, with some standout tracks like the main theme, Live and Learn. All in all, well worth the points and well worth a download. This version, however, -may- need a patch for the final story to be playable. The original ECHELON release has issues with the final boss, and I don't know if this particular ISO is the original or the V2 (the one with the patch pre-applied).
If you guys got an better graphic card for this game on your emulator you are sure that you can play it flawless
its works great in nullDC1.6 but the problem is if your video card was old theres a bit of glitch that stands in your way you can see where you going.. too bad for those who got an old video card as im one of them...
whats a good dreamcast emulator, and if there is one, what are the system requirements??
This is an excellent game. Great graphics, awesome levels, and a clear storyline.
Anybody know where to find the GC version? i dont know how different this one is from the Gamecube one, but i had the Gamecube one and get rid of my Gamecube now i really want to play this and make my chao but dont want a whole bunch of differences
1st screenshot was taken from IGN
Excellent download, nowhere near 10 hours for me! A mere 45 minutes :D
anywhere where the download is short seriously 10 hours?Well what the heck worth the wait
@l-a-buds /quote/can i put this on my r4 ds/end quote/ I have one thing ti say to this. Are you an idiot?