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Full Name Sonic Adventure (U)(KALISTO).7z
Filesize 631.0 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



Confirmed, it is a different region, it does not work on my NA dreamcast.
I cannot convert bin
The last what i call REAL Sonic game, this one is forever going to be a classic, and the only good 3D Sonic game. Possibly one of the best Platformers on the Dreamcast!
ok from the comments im confused, does it or does it not work? is it or is it not in english? do i or do i not have to convert files?
So this mean the emulator doest read if its japanese region?
Is it in english?
gah havent even played it but it already looks better than the second one... =/ that one was a major pain...
Although this is a fun game, I downloaded it to try it out and it is actually from the Japanese region, not North America which really annoyed me as it took me a while to download and ages to figure out how to convert the .bin file into a .cdi file that the emulator could read :(.