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Full Name Project Justice Rival Schools 2 (U)(ECHELON).7z
Filesize 159.9 MB
Region USA
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@jirka_x1 Wat? Rival Schools 2 was only released on the Dreamcast, and was the only Rival Schools game to be released on said system. There is no "Project Justice 2", Project Justice was simply the name they gave to the real sequel of the first game.
Sorry, but i think it is project justice 1, not 2!
I Haven't played this game yet, but i wanted to comment on my experience with the series. I Bought the original Rival Schools Playstation 1, 2 disc set used from an old game rental store (well movies too) and i didn't know what to expect really. Now i can't comment on this game specifically, but if you're into really good fighting games then check out this or at least get the PS1 game. It's got some great music and really cool characters as well as tons of mini games and such. Lots of Anime sequences too. Point is if you like unusual and not so well known fighters then check this one out, i personally only liked Bloody Roar, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Street Fighter EX a, better than this on the PS1.
Great game! I rented this when I was younger and had a blast.. I was hooked! Nice selection of characters, good story progression, and just plain fun to play! 8/10
US version of Nekketsu Nikki...i prefer the japan version....for its school simulation mode! the US version cut that mode.....
Great fighter, not much improvement over the first Rival Schools, but its good none-the-less. I would say I prefer the fighting mechanics in this one, they are tighter, and the graphics are awesome!