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Full Name Jet Grind Radio (U)(ECHELON).7z
Filesize 356.8 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



This image works fine in the nullDC emulator, but does not self-boot in my model (1) NTSC Dreamcast, manufactured in February of 2000. I tried burning it twice with DiscJuggler, and once with BootDreams, to no avail. Sad day!
ok everyone, this IS jet set radio, it just has diferent names, the sequel to this game is jet set radio future [2002] for xbox (which is by the way the best game ever!) jet set radio, this one is very good but the only thing i dont liek is the time limits, and on jet set radio future, you dont select the levels, the whole world is one big map.
i wish this was for psp
great game but the controller!!!!!! shit it makes it so hard
i really like these graphics, not my kind of game but at one point I may try it
yeh baby now i can finally play the prequel to jet set radio... cant wait :)
This game is arguably the best game for dreamcast! -Great cell shaded graphix (first cell shaded game evar!) -well writen story line -a really, really easy learning curve -and of course a great, catchy sound track. It would be disappointing if the game has the word "radio" in it if it had a bad sound track. :P A must have for dreamcast gamers! Tho I dont recommend it to emulators, cause the shader engine is hard on the PC but the game as far as I know is self-bootable for you burners!
This game is so much fun. I can only hope that Sega realizes that this game needs a Wii or 360 port or sequel. JGR is a game where you play as members in a gang and attempt to spray paint as many of the other gangs logos as possible while pulling off stunts and listening to a kick-a** soundtrack. I'd suggest this one to anyone looking for something new and fun.