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Full Name Dead or Alive 2 (U)(UTOPIA).7z
Filesize 216.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



the game does have "Some" nudity in the intro please like survival or time trial i think it was and enter you name as "REALDEMO" without (") and in caps and save your file and restart the game and let the demo play you will see kasumi "Naked" in a gel tube its like 4 secs long
Is this game has sexual content and nudity?
Sexy clothing only unfortunately.
How can I get the CDI version?
One of the first games that really got me into Dreamcast. It was top notch for it's time and by far still one of the best arcade fighting ports to date. Even for an over decade old console. This game is a must have for any Dreamcast owner. 'nuff said.
I couldn't get it to work. My WinRar archiver takes it as a corrupt file. I downloaded it as a cdi file and it worked perfectly. It is a great game and so Is its fourth part. Can't wait for the Fifth.
i have the fourth one the best fighting game ever cant wait for a new one to come out I would not recommend getting this rom if you are using an emulator you want a CDI version of the game i could not get it to work.
awesome fighting game for dreamcast.
lol Well Thats simple. Everyone loves Kasumi, and most of them are pervs anyways. haha thats why there all Kasumi.
why do all the screenshots have kasumi?
Wow you should see the fourth picture. . .
looks amazing never knew dc had graphics like this.