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Full Name Crazy Taxi 2 (U)(HOOLIGANS).7z
Filesize 102.2 MB
Region USA
Can Download Yes



I played this one and the first one on my dreamcast when i was like 12, this game is very entertaining and lets you drive the way you always wished your cab driver would when you are late for something....awesome series, waiting to see if they bring out another one in the future
good game.
Crazy taxi ,it's alot of fun to play ,graphics are excellent ,sounds great ,plays just like the ps2 version ,and this game works in nulldc 1.0.3 emulator really well it's in cdi format,if you want just a fun driving game with lots of charater get this one!
Persevere through the Crazy Pyramid mode, beat the final test, and be rewarded with all four original cabbies(and their cabs) from Crazy Taxi! (wonder if I'll have the patience to accomplish that again...)