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Full Name Blue Stinger (U)(ECHELON).7z
Filesize 430.5 MB
Region USA
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it was very fun back then and these days its still worth playing.
Agreed, this game is why I kept my dreamcast console, I still love hooking it up now and then just to go all kung fu on the monsters.
This is the one game I cared about on Dreamcast, not including Sonic and Street Fighters which are legends so they don't count, this game is quite challenging and would be a good play for anyone that likes "Resident Evil" or any other 3rd person shooting games.
One of "the" best dreamcast games. Though I havn't played it in such a long time, it is one of the only dreamcast games I acctually remember or care to. If you havn't played it, do your self the favor and play this game. It is fast paced and action packed, and as I recall, is simmilar to that of Capcom's Dead Rising for the XBox.